Zermatt Selection

Zermatt Selection is the latest concept from Heinz Julen. It showcases a selection of Zermatt bound products chosen and presented by Heinz Julen. It is a big “shop window” in the busy main Bahnhofstrasse in Zermatt.

This platform presents art, designs, living, entertainment and souvenirs full with Zermatt emotions – reinterpreted.

It incorporates the following main themes:

  • Kunsträume Zermatt. The Art Gallery for international contemporary art in Zermatt. In challenging and changing exhibitions we show temporary and modern art in an exciting context.
  • Backstage Hotel. Spend your next holidays in a unique art boutique hotel, where all rooms are creations of contemporary architecture and artistry.
  • Luxury Living. The philosophy, design and workmanship of the Backstage Hotel is carried to a selection of private chalets, where privacy meets 5* luxury service in a unique setting.
  • Heinz Julen Shop, the showroom of all the products designed and produced in Zermatt, beautiful furniture, unique chandeliers and various artefacts, available to buy in our shop, or online.
  • Chez Vrony Store, a collection of original items and souvenirs from the world famous Alpine Restaurant in Findeln, also available to buy in our shop, or online.
  • Vernissage Entertainment, a unique multi functional entertainment space, including a bar, a club, a cinema, an art gallery also with dining options!

Zermatt Selection has everything you need for a unique memorable experience of Zermatt.